Introducing Bello 🍄

Data is rooted in history as a cornerstone for successful decision-making. Yet, in today’s world of web3, it’s challenging for creators to learn from and take action using on-chain data in a simple and intuitive manner.

Today, I’m thrilled to share a new data tool that’s helped me strategically grow my audience and monetize my love for podcasting.

The Birth of Bello at Eth Amsterdam’s Hackathon

About three months ago, Ellie Farrisi, Juan Andreu, and I registered for ETH Amsterdam’s hackathon with a vision to create a no-code blockchain analytics tool that would influence how crypto-native creators build their 1,000 true fans.

In less than 48 hours, we developed a working MVP, and, to our surprise, we were selected as a finalist winner out of 160+ project submissions.

From that moment forward, we’ve been busy iterating the latest version of our tool, which helped me sell out an NFT drop and grow my podcast’s listenership (more on how I did that later).

This tool is finally ready to help more creators better understand their collectors and build sustainable communities.

But first, some context. 🧵

Web3 empowers creators to be the platform and own their data.

In March 2021, I published an episode featuring web3-native music artist Queen George breaking down her free NFT drop and how she used a top-level funnel approach to kickstart her collector community.

At 36:10, we discussed the data she now had access to from the 100 or so wallet addresses that minted her free NFT.

Your advantage as a crypto-native creator starts with the data you accumulate by building a token-based community.

With the blockchain being so open and transparent by design, we as creators have access to a plethora of information that we can leverage to:

  1. Grow our community of collectors (aka your web3 audience)

  2. Strategically sell more NFTs.

But, the blockchain data tools available today make something that should be so simple yet so difficult.

Data Tools Suck for Creators

The current data tooling landscape favors SQL-experienced developers and NFT traders.

With the emergence of over 22,000 creators joining web3 in less than two years and an ever-evolving creator economy spanning 50,000,000 people globally, we knew there had to be a better data tool that would empower this emerging class of users.

So my team and I took it upon ourselves to make this complex blockchain data more easily accessible for everyone - though no one needs this more now than crypto-native creators.

Why creators?

Well, they’re the ✨ backbone ✨of web3.

From the NFT profile pics that we identify with to the music we collect and even the tokenized communities we spend the most time in, it’s all thanks to creators.

Due to innovative primitives like NFTs, DAOs, and social tokens, we’re seeing the rise of a new creator class - one whose priority is data ownership, and with that comes a new set of tools.

There’s more to a wallet address than just 42 characters.

Every wallet address tells a story that can teach you valuable insights like:

  1. What other communities are they a part of?

  2. What other artists do they support?

  3. How long have they been in crypto?

  4. What IRL events have they attended?

  5. How has their purchasing behavior changed since the bear market started?

And so much more.

Having the answers to questions like those is critical for being a star-studded creator when finding, building, and engaging your token-based community.

We can access this data WITHOUT exploiting users and revealing sensitive information that web2 behemoths like Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok gate as an advantage to benefit their shareholders and advertisers.

Web3 has gifted us the power to own our audience and capture more of the value we create, and with that comes the luxury of using blockchain data to take control of our communities.

The blockchain can never shadow-ban us. We are in control; we are the platform; the value we create is ours to keep.

For these reasons, I’m thrilled to introduce Bello to the world.

Say hello to Bello 🍄

Bello is the no-code blockchain analytics tool that teaches you more about your collectors and their behavior through a simple search.


By scanning all your collector’s wallets, Bello 🍄 presents you with simple, yet intuitive dashboards and actionable insights that help you answer critical questions like:

  1. Who are my biggest supporters?

  2. How old is their wallet?

  3. What else did they buy in the last seven days?

  4. What other communities do they hang around?

  5. What in-person events do they attend?

  6. What is their net worth?

  7. What DAOs are they actively a part of?

And so much more.

Unlike other analytics platforms that benefit SQL-experienced users or NFT degens and funds, Bello is a haven for non-technical users in a world where blockchain data is hard to fetch and understand.

With no-code insights at the foundation of Bello’s pursuit, we help creators learn more about their collectors in a friendly and intuitive manner.

Simply search one smart contract address, or compare a few, to receive highly tailored insights on who the collectors are, what they have in common, and how to take action on this data.

Here are a few of the many things you can do with Bello:

Wallet Analysis

Get to know your community better by understanding how many crypto cycles they’ve been through, how affluent they are, and their wallet age distribution.

Knowing such information can influence your content strategy and determine future drop mechanics that you customize based on how long they’ve been in the game.

Community Overlaps

Strategically prepare marketing materials for your next NFT drop by analyzing what other communities your collectors are a part of.

You may notice that a large percentage also holds $FWB, indicating that it may be a good idea to collaborate with their community to prepare for your drop.

Or you may see an overlap between your collectors and another music artist’s collectors, so why not create and sell music NFTs together?

Pricing Recommendations

Feel more confident about valuing your work using Bello’s pricing recommendations built by analyzing your community’s purchase activity.

Settle pricing debates by understanding your community’s purchasing behaviors to make a sound decision on finding the sweet spot for selling your art.

Join the Waitlist

After talking with a boatload of creators and communities, we’re opening up our tool to new users.

If you’re a web3-native creator, community manager, or NFT project founder, sign up to join our beta waitlist below:

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